Live Shaped Spekboom Christmas Tree

Live Shaped Spekboom Christmas Tree

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These real (live) trees have been carefully shaped and nurtured for many months. They are 1m tall and delivered to your door complete with red & gold baubles, gold "angel hair" and fairy lights. Comes in a cute hessian bag. Just take it out of the box, turn on the lights and Voila! it is Christmas!

After Christmas your little tree can be kept indoors or planted in the garden.

  1. Improves air quality by absorbing carbon from the air
  2. Indigenous to the Eastern Cape | Very Proudly South African
  3. Water-wise
  4. Suitable for all seasons & weather conditions
  5. Easy to grow
  6. Versatile – hedge, groundcover, bush or Christmas tree!
  7. Edible (light citrus flavour), used in salads, soups, craft gin & soap
  8. Traditionally used to treat dehydration & exhaustion – pick-me-up while hiking
  9. Can live up to 200 years

Ideal gift for Christmas or as your environmentally friendly Christmas tree.

The 1m tree is pre-decorated with red and gold baubles, angel hair and fairy lights

The 45cm bush is pre-decorated with red & gold baubles, angel hair and fairy lights

The 20cm baby bush is pre-decorated with gold angel hair and fairy lights.

Proudly grown and nurtured in Stellenbosch - delivery anywhere in SA

Plants are still growing and being carefully looked after, so sizes might vary slightly.

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