Follow every rainbow for 2018 Christmas decor

12 September 2018

Follow every rainbow for 2018 Christmas decor

Christmas is a time of joy and wonder, and this year a happy trend started by bloggers is predicted to take our Christmas Tree decoration by storm

“We’re very excited about the trend we see for 2018 Christmas tree décor,” says Michelle Watling of Trendy Trees. “In the last few years, the focus has been on one- or two-colour schemes, but now there’s a return to a variety of hues. Think back to the Christmas trees of your childhood – ornaments of every colour hanging together under the star topper, then add a modern eye for contemporary, curated expression…”

“Think swathes of blending bands of colour and you’ve got the new rainbow trend. It works as well in a minimalist setting as in a busy one,” says Michelle’s partner, Kim Boyes.

Michelle and Kim specialize in hiring out Christmas trees to the film, corporate and hospitality industries. The service they offer includes delivery and removal of the trees, and most clients request ready-decorated delivery, so the owners of Trendy Trees know their stuff.

Last year Kris Jenner’s Christmas theme was described by The Daily Dash as “Christmas trees done up in bright, rainbow hues”.

Where Kris’s scheme was a vintage mélange of differently coloured baubles (complemented by a giant custom-made scarlet crystal polar bear and lifesize Nutcracker Suite toy soldiers), the trend Michelle and Kim refer to is graduated bands of colour.

John Lewis and House Beautiful among others agree that 2018’s biggest décor trend will be what Country Living describes as “ombre”.

Interestingly, the trend has been building in the bloggersphere for some years. The first example (below) we came across was by Martha of @OpenDoorStudio, posted in 2014.

The next, in 2015, was by blogger Rachel Hinderliter(@linesacross).

In 2016, Michael Wurm’s tree (below) was hailed by no less than Martha Stewart (“We can’t get over this rainbow inspired tree”).

“The colours of my Rainbow Christmas tree really complement my room decor don’t you think?” Geraldine Tan, of Little Big Bell, enthused last year. (See below.)

And now we have John Lewis predicting that “2018 will be the year of the rainbow Christmas tree”.  Note the wreath on the mantle piece.

If you want to try this at home, Michelle and Kim have a few tips:

First thread the lights you want to use through the branches of your tree – plain white lights are best, obviously.
Then look at your decoration collection and start at the bottom of the tree with the colour that most of your ornaments are in (you’ll need more at the bottom and fewer as you get to the top).
If you’re going for the gradient or “ombre” look, you’ll want to make your next band a hue that includes a tint of the last colour. So if you started with red, the next tone would be orange, followed by yellow, then green, then blue, then purple, then red… If you’re struggling or want some inspiration, google a colour wheel and look at how the shades merge from one hue to the next.
Let the bands of colour merge into each other – don’t try to be too linear.
Remember, to get this right takes a LOT of baubles… If you don’t have enough, get your kids to help you make new ones, and spray-paint them the colour you need.
Or you could hire (or buy) one of Michelle and Kim’s trees, and ask them to do it for you!


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