A plush, full artificial white Christmas tree will create a beautiful backdrop for your decorations. You can change the look dramatically with the use of white on white or colour on your white tree. White on white is my personal favourite but you will need to take care to create depth using matt and shiny decorations as well as textures. Ribbons, bows and tulle are useful here.

It’s also a good idea to decide upfront whether you are going to use warm white or pure white fairy lights as this will have a dramatic impact on your decor. To add a little more sparkle and glamour to your white tree, add more fairy lights. This is especially important to create a tree that looks good during the day as well as at night. Another idea is to add one string of blinking or flashing lights along with static bulbs – this will create a pretty twinkling tree without feeling like you have transformed your living room into a nightclub! Another option is to add one string of lights with bigger bulbs.

Consider that there are many shades of white, and don’t be afraid to mix them on your white tree.Off white, cream, stark white as well as shiny and matt white mixed together will add depth and ensure that your tree doesn’t look bland. Add strings of pearls or even popcorn on strings. A few mirror balls, feathers, glass baubles or crystal ornaments will also add depth and interest. If you are adding a tree topper, it is generally best to follow your white theme and have a white star, fairy or angel, rather than a contrasting colour which will dominate the tree.

I generally prefer to have colour co-ordinated wrapped gifts (or just wrapped boxes) under the tree, but a fabric tree skirt can work just as well.