Flameless Candles

Lighting up indoors and out (regardless of windy evenings).

Ideal for homes, restaurants, hotels, game lodges, yachts, picnics and doing so in a safe and affordable way.

Create a beautiful candle-lit atmosphere with these real wax assorted candles.

  • Pillar candles (larger)
  • Classic taper candles
  • Charming tealight candles
  • Mini Tapered candles (ideal to stand alone or attach with a clip to your Christmas tree, wreaths or any decor)
  • An innovative remote control accessory to help set the mood at the click of a button.

With innovative technology, our real wax candles are flameless and effortless. Safe enough for the whole family to use and enjoy, thanks to a quality 3D LED flame that cannot burn, catch alight, or become hot to the touch.

No hot messy melting wax. No safety worries. Just wonderful candle-lit joy.

Candle Collection