• Christmas Tree  - Spruce (FRESH CUT TREE) Christmas Tree  - Spruce (FRESH CUT TREE)
    R 11,500.00
    The 2.2m and is very full with lots of branches.
  • Christmas Tree - 1,8m Plush Christmas Tree - 1,8m Plush
    33% Off
    R 2,995.00 R 4,500.00
    This tree is a gem. The 1.8m Plush Christmas tree is excellent value for money, combining the best of Trendy Trees guaranteed quality with a slim new easy to manage size.
  • Christmas Tree - 2,4m Plush Christmas Tree - 2,4m Plush
    17% Off
    R 6,995.00 R 8,400.00
    Making a statement at 2.4m high, this tree is easy to assemble in 3 pieces plus a sturdy metal stand. Light up with fairy lights and stack presents underneath.
  • Christmas Tree - 3m Plush Christmas Tree - 3m Plush
    17% Off
    R 9,500.00 R 11,500.00
    These tall Christmas trees create a grand display in public places or rooms with high ceilings.
  • R 28,000.00
    This Plush Christmas tree makes a real statement. You will need either double volume or an area with higher than standard (3.5m) ceilings.
  • Christmas Tree - Live Shaped Spekboom Christmas Tree - Live Shaped Spekboom
    R 400.00
    These real (live) trees have been carefully shaped and nurtured for many months. They are 1m tall and delivered to your door complete with red & gold baubles, gold "angel hair" and fairy lights.
  • Christmas Tree - Wall Hanging Christmas Tree - Wall Hanging
    R 1,650.00
    This tree is a gem. The 1.5m felt tree is a perfect addition to a child Christmas bedroom decor