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Fairy Lights - Firecracker mini LED 5m

Fairy Lights - Firecracker mini LED 5m

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Unique "firecracker" fairy lights string on bendy wire with mini LED light bulbs.
Multi-function (6 settings) warm white bulbs
USB plug makes it easy to plug in anywhere. 
A really great product

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Additional information

Mini LED bulbs, the size of a rice grain on a silver "firecracker" malleable wire.

Drape across your Christmas tree branches, wrap around shelving, pot plants, headboards, window - the options are endless and the effect really unique.

Makes a versatile gift and suitable for any occasion.  Not recommended for long term outdoor use.


  • Warm white multi-function
  • Plug-in USB
  • 5m of lights plus 2m cord to the plug


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