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Fairy Lights - Plug-In - 8 functions - 50m, 30m, 10m

Fairy Lights - Plug-In - 8 functions - 50m, 30m, 10m

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Sharing our decorator secrets with you  . . .  these light weight fairy light strings with 8 function controller are a really great find. 

The dark green wire is thinner than standard strings which makes it easy to hide and also very light. Versatile - 10m, 30m & 50m strings are ideal for Christmas trees, bedrooms, party lights, wedding lights, & patio decorations.

All 3 lengths are also interconnectable which is amazing for decorating. Highly recommended product and our top seller.

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Additional information

Warm white lights 

  • 8 function controller | 10m, 30m or 50m strings
  • Connect multiple sets
  • Warm white bulbs, lightweight dark green cable
  • Cable length from controller to the first bulb approx 5m


String come as follows:

  • 10m with 100 bulbs - connect up to 8 sets
  • 30m with 300 bulbs - connect up to 3 sets
  • 50m with 500 bulbs - connect up to 2 sets


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